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400ex transmission issue?

I recently replaced my center gasket so i split the cases obviously. When i put the lower end back on, the output shaft( the splined shaft where the front sprocket goes on doesn’t spin, i can turn the transmission if i rotate the crank,(the bolt behind the timing cap. Before i took it apart it spun freely. Does it have to work its way into the seal when it spins. I just dont want to put the engine back in and the tranny doesn’t work. It seems to shift fine.

Honda 250ex 07 won’t electric start

I have a few problems, I am going to list. I traded a go kart for this thing and of course it needs some work. Most of the work it needs is brakes and the fairings and the lights. First thing is the left front brake works but not the right front brake. What could cause this? and how could i fix it? The back break is also not working, when you push it you can see it pulling it but nothing is happening. And And the electric start where the key is has a N and R for Neutral and Reverse. The lights will not work but for every so often. Sometimes it wants to start right up with the electric start other times it dosnt. There was a blown fuse but i changed all them and it still will not work. The last thing i can think of is to clean the connector piece that go to the battery. I can bypass it and get it to start by using a screw driver. Along with this the lights will not work but only sometimes. Last thing is someone cut all the wires and only wired the key, electric start, and lights up so now i have a black cable with a white line, a green cable, red, solid black cable not hooked up, Well the green one and the solid black one are connected to the key start and electric start is hooked up. It worked for a while then just stopped working. now every other time it will work or not. also i need to know were to buy all new sets of plastic and seat, or fairings

I need help!! starter/Ground issues!

Here’s how it goes, riding about this time last year in Francis Marlon Nat forest, and we were riding for about 4 hours and then my rancher cut off! Wouldn’t start back. No lag in engine or anything. Just would not cut on. So pulled to truck n loaded. Brought home and tried sum things, no help. Will not get any fire. Changed solenoid and then starter, still no luck. The positive wire was very hot for the longest, so hot that it would feed bk to the battery and melt through the post! Has anyone had this problem?? HELP.

Engine smothers without choke 400ex

Hi guys,

Only recently bought a ’07 400ex and having a bit of trouble with cold starts and even after running for 5min. When I close the choke valve the engine loses all power. Any advice? Think that it might be the carb, will check it over the weekend, but would love to hear your input.

300 honda fourtrax side case

For the life of me in just seem to not figure out the combination to reinstall kick start back to right position. The tab is above the the place it should. Do you wind it up by turning over motor until it gets right,or remove that lock cover ? Thanks in advance

99 Foreman 405es

Hello all
My foreman isn’t running anymore thanks to me being a dumb frog
I went to charge up my battery and didn’t realize I had the charger set at 40 amps
Well it started right up and when I shut it off I noticed a small puff of smoke coming out from the right side near the voltage regulator
Now when I try to start it I get a dash on the display panel for the neutral light and I can hear the solenoid click on
Also when I turn the lights on and off it activates the solenoid and shut off and turns on the panel

Kentco replied and suggested I replace my reg/rec and battery

That took care of the light switch turning my panel off and on
But now I still get the — on the display

With the new battery it shifts fine thru all the gears
It wont start cause I can’t get it to display neutral
I confirmed it is in neutral by pushing it into my garage today
The display shows reverse, first and fifth all other gears show—
Any and all help would be appreciated
Thanks SkyKid

ESP Issue

I have a 2009 Honda TRX500 and I was plowing snow today with it, when suddenly it seemed as if it was not getting gas, and the esp light where it says gear shift just started flashing. It flashes 6 times and then restarts. I need this ATV to plow the snow out of my driveway, so any help would be appreciated.

1997 Honda fourtrax 300 4×4 rear end

I bought a 1997 Honda fourtrax 300 4×4 the other day with a brand new rear end all it needed was two spacers because the gears would grind. Well I put those in and found out I was missing a pinion needle bearing so I bought one put it in and went riding well for about the first 45 min to a hour it ran good and then it started clicking on the rear end and I could tell that the gears were grinding again so I loaded it up and took it home to look at . Well I thing it is this bolt that you tighten down and it goes inside the needle bearing and you have to kids beat it in there and every time you turn the ratchet it pulls it out a little bit so I just quit tightening it . But I think that is the problem , anyone have any other idea of what it could be?

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