1997 Honda fourtrax 300 4×4 rear end

I bought a 1997 Honda fourtrax 300 4×4 the other day with a brand new rear end all it needed was two spacers because the gears would grind. Well I put those in and found out I was missing a pinion needle bearing so I bought one put it in and went riding well for about the first 45 min to a hour it ran good and then it started clicking on the rear end and I could tell that the gears were grinding again so I loaded it up and took it home to look at . Well I thing it is this bolt that you tighten down and it goes inside the needle bearing and you have to kids beat it in there and every time you turn the ratchet it pulls it out a little bit so I just quit tightening it . But I think that is the problem , anyone have any other idea of what it could be?

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