Choose the Right Chain

The main value for a chain selection is the dimension (428,520,525…). It is necessary to keep the chain size according to the motorcycle producer instruction.

The next important step is the type of chain (ORM, ORH, SDZ). Differences between the chains are in the following details: breaking load, sealing ring type or side plates shape. In general,for motocross are used non O-ring chains because of lower power loses, this is possible for using lower displacement around 125ccm. O-ring chains are very popular because of their price. They can be used for most of motorcycles, which are not very fast. For the strongest motorcycles (especially road motorcycles or travel motorcycles) are used X-ring chains, where is supposed higher speed and longer chain durability.

The following table shows approximately the motorcycle application of certain ČZ chain types. Each type of chain is described in details in section Products, article Motorcycle chains.


Connecting Elements

Clip V is a standard modification of the connecting link with adjusting spring. The advantage is very simple connecting and disconnecting of the chain. It can be used repeatedly, but it is not applicable for higher speeds and more powerful motorcycles

Clip P is a similar connecting link like the Clip V, there is just one difference, the plate must be fitted on the pin with interference using the tooling or pliers. The Clip P connecting link is necessary to use on the sealed chains, in order to avoid the grease leakage.

Rivet connecting link create a dismountable connection with big operational safety. Si it is suitable for all chain types, where is requested absolute reliability in all riding modes.

A special mounting device is necessary for its assembling and disassembling.

Clip V Clip P Rivet
415 S 428 S 428 OR 520 ORM 520 DZO 525 SDZZ
415 HT 520 M 428 MX 520 ORH 520 DZX 530 DZO
086 520 GTX 520 MX 520 ORMX 520 SDZZ 530 DZX
420 S 520 EC 520 RDO 525 DZO 530 SDZZ
420 MX 525 DZX

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