99 Foreman 405es

Hello all
My foreman isn’t running anymore thanks to me being a dumb frog
I went to charge up my battery and didn’t realize I had the charger set at 40 amps
Well it started right up and when I shut it off I noticed a small puff of smoke coming out from the right side near the voltage regulator
Now when I try to start it I get a dash on the display panel for the neutral light and I can hear the solenoid click on
Also when I turn the lights on and off it activates the solenoid and shut off and turns on the panel

Kentco replied and suggested I replace my reg/rec and battery

That took care of the light switch turning my panel off and on
But now I still get the — on the display

With the new battery it shifts fine thru all the gears
It wont start cause I can’t get it to display neutral
I confirmed it is in neutral by pushing it into my garage today
The display shows reverse, first and fifth all other gears show—
Any and all help would be appreciated
Thanks SkyKid