Chain Maintenance

Washing the chain

If the chain is very dirty, especially the mud or a mixture of dust and grease, it is necessary to wash the chain. This holds true even before the chain lubrication to avoid dissolution of impurities and their precoating between moving parts of the chain.

Chemical cleaning – We only use products designed for cleaning chains, with chains without sealing rings can also be used substances based on gasoline or kerosene. After washing and drying the chain it without delay greased to prevent corrosion. NA O-ring chains must not be used substance based on petroleum products (petrol, diesel, kerosene). Generally not dry washing recommended, mainly because of the possibility of hydrogen embrittlement material of the chain (and subsequent burst chain) due to aggressive solvents. When using chemical products also occurs to dry o-rings and cause damage. To clean greasy chain is part of the CZ recommended mechanical cleaning cloth or paper.

Non-chemical cleaning – especially for the removal of impurities such as mud or sand. Uses include water under pressure (which may be detergent). For chains without sealing rings can also use a steam cleaner or wire brush. When washing the chain it is necessary to accelerate drying (temperature increase, blowing compressed air …) and subsequent lubrication to prevent corrosion. The wash chain sealed with rubber rings do not use agesivní resources and avoid temperatures greater than 100 ° C.

Chain lubrication

Chain lubrication is one of the main factors affecting the life of the chain. The chain should be regularly re-lubricate without delay, especially in netěsněných chains. Especially when operating in the field is recommended before each commutes chain lubricated. A properly lubricated chain when approaching the sprockets and passing through the guides and rattling nepíská. For O-ring chains, the situation is similar, here it is possible to control the presence of lubricant on the O-rings.

SEALED CHAIN ​​- Most lubricating point for these types of chains is joint – the space between the pin and bushing. Therefore, the lubrication of the space depends largely life of the chain. Lubricant for these chains is applied between the outer and inner plates (flows into the joint) and no less important is the application of lubricants under the roller. Proper lubrication of the roller is particularly important for the correct rolling the teeth of the sprocket. Lubrication procedures show the images below.

Sealed chains – These chains have to lubricate the joint permanent grease filling. To prevent leakage of grease from the joint, the chain is equipped with sealing rings, which also protects the joint from outside dirt. These rings are disposed between the outer and inner plates. From the inner side, although lubricated with grease from the joint, however, by external influence them unfavorable influences such as water, dust or sunlight. To avoid damage and premature wear of the sealing rings, the rings must be regreased. The rings are normally applied more lubricant in order to lubricate around the circumference of the ring. Also important is the application of lubricants under the roller. Proper lubrication of the roller is particularly important for the correct rolling the teeth of the sprocket. How lubrication sealed chain show the images below.

Methods of chain lubrication

Re-lubrication motorcycle chain operation can be divided basically into 2 parts:

Use spray lubricants – Nowadays, almost in most cases the chain operation domazávají spejovými lubricants. They enable quick and easy chain lubricated without removing the chain from the motorcycle, no tools required. CZ recommends using only high quality, certified lubricants for chains, does not pay to use too cheap and unknown sprays that may not have the desired properties. Application is done by spraying, after greasing is necessary to have a chain of about 15 min at rest, in order to evaporate the solvent and lubricant neodstříklo. For lubrication of chains for equipment operating on the roads tend to be different than lubricants for use in the field, so it is suitable before you buy to make sure that the selected type of lubricant suitable.

Pastes and greases – Additional lubrication with paste is done only on netěsněných chains. Deleting this way, while significantly extending the life of the chain, but with the advent of high-quality synthetic lubricants has been rarely used. Additionally, this method requires removal of the chain from the motorcycle and the need to provide a heated bath lubrication. After removing the chain the chain must be washed either in special preparations for washing chains, or as in kerosene or gasoline. It is necessary to comply with occupational safety and protect the environment. After washing and drying, followed by a chain of immersion into the molten grease. Subsequently, the chain keeps losing. After extraction and cooling chain can be mounted back on the bike. Temperature pastes is given by the manufacturer, typically is around 80-90 ° C. This method is practiced to the initial lubrication in the production chain and in particular the Initial lubrication of chains than sealed in the factory closed sealing rings (lubricant in the joint closes and remains as a permanent filling until the end of the chain life).

Maintenance of the chain transfer

The basic prerequisites for long and trouble free life of the chain include:

– Correct chain tension adjustment (described in Article Installation & Adjustment)
– Proper adjustment of the chain will
– Regular lubrication of the chain, best quality branded lubricant
– A dirty chain clean (wash), especially from mud and dust
– To clean the chain only use products designed for this purpose, otherwise you may damage the chain

A negative impact on the life of the transfer manifest themselves as minor facts:

– Will the swingarm bearings swingarm
– Damaged rear wheel bearings (bearings in the rosette)
– Unbalanced rear wheel – surging
– Broken or damaged rear suspension – the emergence of vibration and shock

Service Tooling

The new generation of mounting device VZR 6 is reliably closing the chain with the rivet link. With the help of interchangeable adapters, which are a part of the whole kit, you can close the chains, rivet and disconnect as well.

Caution: The mounting device VZR 6 is dimensionally designed only for assembling, and disconnecting of CZ chains with the pitch 15,858 mm.


Caution: All data mentioned on this website of CZ motorcycle chains have the character of general information. When applying the chain for your motorcycle, always follow the chain type recommendation of the motorcycle manufacturer. If the endless chain without connecting link is originally used on your motorcycle, then it is necessary to use the Rivet type connecting element when installing a new chain.

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