ATV Chains

The chains are designed so that they comply with the most hardest racing sport conditions. The pins of MX types are equipped with CRK coating with very hard carbides for wear reduction on the surface. The chains are equipped with KSJ bushings for almost zero initial extension. The ATV chain is designed especially for all-terrain vehicles by which, compared to motorcycle, a different character of the load is allowed for. Therefore the chain ATV is sealed by Active-ring for hard conditions of all-terrain vehicles working, as the only one from this category.

crk-layer-picCRK Layer

Technology innovation from CZ Chains.

A layer with highly hard carbides resisting the abrasion caused by silicious grains of sand and other dirts has been made, which are to be found in dust and mud and get into the spaces between the bushings and the pins at non sealed chains. When the abrasion is small, so then also the chain extension is small.

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Chains designed for your personality!

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