Supercross / Motocross Chains

Motocross / Supermoto Range

The Motocross / Supermoto chains don’t have any sealing rings, because they are designed mainly for racing purpose. Their design is lighter and more compact in dimensions.

The types with MX marking are produced with the CRK layer on the pins. This technology significantly extends the chain life-time during long term use in dusty and muddy conditions. The chain 520 GTX is developed especially for trail purpose.

Plates Thickness
Chain Type Pitch Inner Width Pin Length Roller Diameter Inner Outer Middle Static Strength Weight 100 Links Connecting Link Type of Sealing Ring Color
mm mm mm mm mm mm N kg
420 MX 12,7 6,35 16,60 7,75 1,8 1,8 22 000 0,89 Clip G-Bk
428 MX 12,7 7,75 17,80 8,51 1,8 1,6 23 000 1,05 Clip G-Bk
520 M 15,875 6,35 18,10 10,16 2,2 2,0 35 000 1,51 Clip Bu-Ye
520 EC 15,875 6,35 18,50 10,16 2,2 2,2 38 000 1,62 Clip Ye-Bk
520 MX 15,875 6,35 18,10 10,16 2,2 2,0 35 800 1,51 Clip G-Bk
520 GTX 15,875 6,35 16,75 10,16 1,8 1,8 26 000 1,21 Clip Bu-Ye

The chains are designed so that they comply with the hardest racing sport conditions. The pins of MX types are equipped with CRK coating with very hard carbides for wear reduction on the surface. The chains are equipped with KSJ bushings for almost zero initial extension.

crk-layer-picCRK Layer

Technology innovation from CZ Chains.

A layer with highly hard carbides resisting the abrasion caused by silicious grains of sand and other dirts has been made, which are to be found in dust and mud and get into the spaces between the bushings and the pins at non sealed chains. When the abrasion is small, then the chain extension is small as well.

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