Honda 250ex 07 won’t electric start

I have a few problems, I am going to list. I traded a go kart for this thing and of course it needs some work. Most of the work it needs is brakes and the fairings and the lights. First thing is the left front brake works but not the right front brake. What could cause this? and how could i fix it? The back break is also not working, when you push it you can see it pulling it but nothing is happening. And And the electric start where the key is has a N and R for Neutral and Reverse. The lights will not work but for every so often. Sometimes it wants to start right up with the electric start other times it dosnt. There was a blown fuse but i changed all them and it still will not work. The last thing i can think of is to clean the connector piece that go to the battery. I can bypass it and get it to start by using a screw driver. Along with this the lights will not work but only sometimes. Last thing is someone cut all the wires and only wired the key, electric start, and lights up so now i have a black cable with a white line, a green cable, red, solid black cable not hooked up, Well the green one and the solid black one are connected to the key start and electric start is hooked up. It worked for a while then just stopped working. now every other time it will work or not. also i need to know were to buy all new sets of plastic and seat, or fairings