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Broken rear trailing arm

Just wondering if it is common to brake the rear trailing / swing arms? Both tubes broke at the center section of the arm. I am not complaining, with over 20,000 HARD trail miles on it, I don’t mind a few issues. But like most things I order at the dealer, they say nobody has ever needed one before. The bad part was when I was repairing it, Only till the new one comes in, I noticed the bolt from my rear yolk to the rear diff input shaft is long gone and I have a massive amount of wear on the splines. After checking into the parts to freshen up the diff, I decided to just buy a complete diff and drive shaft. I guess I should have taken my loss and traded it in when I picked up my 16.

Well $$$$ !!!! New problems with 800. Engine brake, missing and front diff

It seemed all was fixed after the dealer reset it all. We went for a ride last weekend. First thing I noticed. No engine brake, it tried to work one time then stopped.. I replaced the secondary with another stocker cause mine was warped… Put on a gates carbon belt and went back to 1021 primary spring. That’s all I did. So what causes this?

Then I went to to ride it the other day. And now it’s missing and seems to be on one cylinder below 4k rpm. Above that it runs fine and idles fine. Even at times the throttle hangs high for a few seconds then comes back down. Even does it in neutral or park…

Now I’m hearing a clanking in the front diff. It’s not very loud . But it’s there…

Uggghhh, I’m getting so frustrated with this…

Richochet vs Can-am Skids

I currently have a full set of Can-Am Aluminum Skid Plates on my Commander. They have held up great except for some minor dents but that is just the name of the game. I’m looking into getting some skid plates for my Outlander Max 1000 as it is ridin extremely hard. The Richochets seem to protect more in the rear axle boots and front A-Arms but I’m worried about hitting something and having them bend into the boots, thats why the can-ams have the little plastic protector for the CV boots. What is your opinion. What holds up better? I do mostly fast paced woods racing through rocks, mud, ruts, hills, dirt, jumps, water, fields, roads, you name it I hit it….. hard. I unfortunately have stock suspension but might be getting some used FOX Podium Suspension. Thanks for your input! Also what thickness is the can-am skids?
Also, Can-Am has drain holes in their a-arms. I ride extremely fast and often a lot of stuff gets in the a-arms. The Richochet does not have drain holes. I’m worried about getting something stuck up in there and ripping my boot open. Is it possible to run the Richochet Frame skid plates and the Can-Am A-Arm and CV Protectors? Or would they not fit together?

Looking for Pics of Camo Plastic and Painted Bumpers

Just wondering if anyone with Camo plastic has changed the color of their bumpers or anything else. I’m thinking of power coating the bumpers to something other than black.
I bought my atv in camo mainly because I think it holds up better than other colors for scratcher so adding color to the bumpers doesn’t bother me for hunting (dear don’t see color). I have machined beadlocks coming that I’d like to power coat the same color I do the bumpers. I’m a black & yellow and black and orange type of guy but not sure how those colors would look with camo (I’m thinking the right orange might). Anyways if you have something different looking please add a photo.

27″ tire pic request

If it’s not to much to ask I’d love to see everybody’s aftermarket tires!
Preferably 27’s as that’s what I’m looking to get.

My riding is really all over here in Maine. Sometime putting around the property, riding trails up north and other times really backwoods terrain and some very muddy areas.

So many tires I’ve burned myself out on looking for my outlander and just want to see what other people are running.

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2012 XT 500 Snorkel Kit

Is there anyone on here that can advise what the best way to go about snorkeling the ’12 XT 500’s? Apparently Can Am switched from the 500CC air box in 2011, to the 650CC in 2013. I’m having trouble finding parts listed to fit mine, and I’m not skilled enough to fabricate my own. I have a friend willing to do the work, but I want to make sure it’s done right the first time. I have an XMR on order and would like to have both bikes (if possible) ready to take to Mud Nats.

2006 max XT 650 check oil hot or cold

i have the 2006 shop manual. I have a 2006 max XT 650. (Date of manufacture is 02/2006). The manual has a section for 400 which says to check oil with engine cold. The manual also has a section for 800 that says to idle the engine for a few minutes, stop the engine, wait a few minutes, and then check the oil level. There is no 650 section. Does anyone know the preferred method? When I check cold (15F) the oil level is very high.

Front axle or drive shaft squeak!! help

i have a 2006 Outlander 800 XT, and it has started to squeak loudly…. it’s from the front end and it only happens when accelerating and doesn’t do it when completely jacked up so i can inspect it. i can be driving and it will be contantly squeaking until i let off the the accelerator. any ideas please help!! i don’t want to have to tear everything apart to find the issue. also it does seem to have a small amount of grease leaking from behind the front diff where the drive shaft enters it. :th_smiliepullhair: