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Picked up some elka 2 shocks. Need some help.

My stock front springs have steadily gotten weak anlong with the rears. So much with max preload it still bottomed out very easily and busted the fr shock. Seen these Elka stage 2 shocks and got em for $650. They are 2 yrs old and have 206 miles on them. Good deal? I was about to buy the $500 fox shocks from brp and new springs but figured this was a better buy.

These came off a 2015 1k outlander xmr . I dont know much about shocks. But these have 2 springs on each shock. Why? How do I go about adjusting these for my 2015 800 xmr short chassis with 2" lift?

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Help me out with 2016 speedometer

My wife 2016 570 xmr speedometer took a crap on us. So I bought a used one from a 2014 Commander. I was told they were the same and would just need to be flashed to the 2016 570 xmr. I got the used speedometer in. Hooked it up and bike starts and runs fine. The only issues are the speedo scrolls fasten seat belts, check engine and belt. Also has check engine light on and seat belt light.

So I figure no biggie , I will just take to dealer and let them flash the speedometer to match the 2016 570. After 2 days they finally call and say that they can’t do it. The speedometer will not communicate with the 570 computer. If that was so then it wouldn’t show 4wd on the cluster when I engage it, the bright lights when I turn them on, and the gas gauge is right.

They tell me I need to buy a brand new cluster and have them flash it for the 570 xmr. I asked the guy well why can’t I just get one off another outlander and put it on. He says it won’t work. Well that’s BS because I took the speedometer off my 2015 800 xmr and put it on her 2016 570 xmr , it worked fine. Just scrolled ecu not recognized when first started.

So do I have to buy a brand new cluster for it to sync and communicate to the ecu?

So which outlander has the lowest gear reduction?

A Lil help here guys. I have not been able to find a definite answer to which gear reduction came factory on my 2015 800 xmr and my wife’s 2016 570 xmr.I’ve seen statements of 14% reduction in hi answer some say it’s in low that got the reduction. On the 570 I can’t get a definite answer rather it has one at all.

I keep seeing post saying the 1k 6×6 comes with a 28% reduction in low and 14% in hi. If that’s the case, could I use the parts frof the 6×6 Trans to get the 28% reduction in my 800 and the 570?

Cfab lift and new tires are on.

Finally got my missing lift parts and put this monster together. CFAB 6" lift. Went to 31 outlaws s/w set up with a set of ss 212 wheels I refinished.

It’s been six months since I rode it. Been riding the wife’s 570 xmr around the neighborhood. First time I bumped the throttle on mine today it stood straight up. I was petrified. Lol. A few runs out in the field and I remembered why I love my 800 xmr.

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Can’t find VIN # on new to me frame.

I bought a used frame for a 2015 Gade with title, a few months ago. I just had it soda blasted and can’t find VIN numbers anywhere on the frame. My 2015 outty has a sticker under seat and a sticker behind the front diff on the frame. Same as my wife 2016 570.

But isn’t it stamped somewhere on this 2015 frame? I have a clean title for it but does no good if it only had stickers that have been blasted off now.

Oil in tb and intake sensors

I have been chasing a problem for a while with my bike running rich. First fault to come from ecu was tps. Took to dealer and they reset the tps. Bike ran fine but still rich. Dealer said faulty tb. So that just ended all dealings with the local dealer. The bike has sat for 5 months since it went to dealer. I pulled the airbox this weekend. Pulled the injectors and hooked them up outside the engine. They don’t over spray, dump fuel or leak when pressured.

Then I did a compression check and got 180 on rear cylinder and 177 on front. Leak down test was also good. So i went back to airbox. Smells like oil. None on my air filter. Pulled the tb off and removed tps and iac valve. Found oil on the iac valve. I then pulled the map sensor. It also has oil on it..

Couldn’t these two sensor be the culprits? If they have oil on them they will not read correctly.

I have had the bike on its side 1 time and it was before I had the issues. Also after it was on its side I got a lot of oil from the airbox drain tube..

Just a rant about CFAB lift

I haven’t been on in a while. Busy with work and such. Plus absolutely no riding done in the last 3 or 4 months. Not by choice though. I had bought an SATV 6" lift 3 months ago. Right after I got it I came across a heck of a deal for a CFAB 6" lift. So I sold the satv lift while it was still in the box. And bought the new Cfab lift. Ordered all my bearings and bushings. Should a been the first sign . Since the satv lift came ready to bolt on with bearings already installed. It really is a nice lift…now this is the beginning of June when I ordered the cfab kit.I have to wait 3 weeks for powdercoat. July 6th is scheduled delivery I think signature required on the cfab lift. 1 Box shows up a and fedex forges my signature. The box is beat up. Powdercoat is damaged. Box has been busted open and fedex just taped it back up. The next day the 2nd book shows up. Fedex forges my signature again. This box is not as damaged. So the 3rd box is now missing in fedex ‘s system.

So after a week of me going to the fedex making hub and not getting much help from cfab, we discovered the lost the box completely. So on the 12th, Cfab finally checked of the claim I started on the 3rd box. At this point I am very irritated because I asked when Corey at Cfab when was he going to send me replacmments? Then he proceeds to tell me that he will not send me replacements until fedex pays for the lost ones. What was in the missing box was the left trailing arm and the massive tie rods. And then corey tells me he will send me the replacements if I pay the $600 for them. So I said why do I have to suffer when fedex lost the parts and you are the shipper? He says that’s his company policy.

So here it is over a month since I started the claim, I am having to stay on top of the claim to get cfab to do what they are suppose to do. I am not getting much help or communication fromantic corey, and I can’t get a refund. Yesterday, I decided to go ahead and put the ball joints and bushings on the control arms. Come to find out, I can’t get the c-clip on the ball joints because the plate is too thick. I had to Grint off the powder coat, and a 1/8 inch of steel to get the c-clip in. That’s when I realized the hole for the ball joint was cut a little crooked on both arms. I am not happy at all with this situation, in my opinion the super atv lift was a nicer lift.