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Mud Guards/Fender Flares

Anyone know what my options are for mud guards/fender flares for a 2015 Outlander 800r XT? Iv seen Maiers (very pricey) and Can Am’s. I also seen some Kolpin but they don’t make any for the ’15 Outlander. I also read the Can Am brand wasn’t the greatest so that’s basically why I’m asking here.

Question Yellow Loctite and Torquing

So I’m doing the 10 hr service on my ’15 Outlander XT and noticed some bolts have a yellow loctite on them. I’ve only ever seen Red or blue loctite. Is yellow equivalent to red or blue?
I also have a question on torquing. I see in the manual it will say for example 89 lbf?in + 9 lbs?in and 22 lbf?ft + 1 lbf?ft. Can someone put this in a english lol. I quests the part I don’t understand is when they say 89 lbf?ft + 9…. It’s in foot lbs correct? But what’s the + 9…. for?

Book Says Uni Cleaner & Oil?

In my 2015 owners manual it says to use "Uni" cleaner and oil for cleaning the foam cover on the air filter. My dealer doesn’t sell that brand (can’t remember what kind they have) and Walmart, Advanced Auto, and Auto Zone sells K&N. Can I use the K&N? Or should I use Uni? I purchased the 36 month extended warranty and I’m doing my 10 he service myself so I don’t want no issued from Can-Am.

Looking for Pics of Camo Plastic and Painted Bumpers

Just wondering if anyone with Camo plastic has changed the color of their bumpers or anything else. I’m thinking of power coating the bumpers to something other than black.
I bought my atv in camo mainly because I think it holds up better than other colors for scratcher so adding color to the bumpers doesn’t bother me for hunting (dear don’t see color). I have machined beadlocks coming that I’d like to power coat the same color I do the bumpers. I’m a black & yellow and black and orange type of guy but not sure how those colors would look with camo (I’m thinking the right orange might). Anyways if you have something different looking please add a photo.