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Tire pressure ?

I purchased a set of Maxxis Ceros tires and I was trying to figure out what tire pressure I should be running especially running around on pavement. Below is a cut and paste from the Maxxis web site which lists pressure and load of 18/960. I’m not sure what the numbers mean exactly. My Outlander 1000 weights 816 pounds dry.

The guy I purchased the tires from put 6 pounds in them which I didn’t think was enough so I pumped them up to 10 pounds.

What do you guy recommend?

pressure/Load (psi/lbs)
Rear 26X11.00R12 6 26.6 10.7 18/960 12X8.0 23/32
Front 26X9.00R12 6 26.6 8.6 18/825 12X7.0 23/32

Discount Tire Deal

Anybody looking for a set of tires or a package. Discount Tire is having a wicked sale…just ordered a set of BD Xtr’s 27×14 on Raceline wheels for my rzr for 830 bucks shipped and I’m getting 295 bucks in rebates. Hard to beat and they are great to work with.

Should I get some OL2S or lighter tires.

I met a guy today who bought a brand new high lifter rzr today and is pulling off the 29.5 ol2s this friday. Said he would take $600 for all four. I am very tempted as I have been researching a lighter mud tire and 31 ol’s were on my maybe list. Which he has a set for $400 but the tread is worn below the cups in the lugs.only in very center of tire.

I like my 32s , they pull great in mud. But I’m wanting to try a lighter tire and I don’t think the 29.5 ol2s are much lighter then my 32 mudder inlaws. Maybe 6 lbs difference. . Should I try the 29.5 ol2’s out for the price or just buy new 31 ol’s?

What size tire for rocky-terrain trails?

Is there some reason that so many of the all-terrain trail tires (not mud-oriented) do not come in sizes bigger than 26" for 12" rims? Is there some disadvantage to tires taller that 26" on rocky and hard packed trails? There are plenty of mud tires up to 30" for 12" rims.

Ok, so I normally just search the threads to find the info I need. Just can’t seem to find where this is covered. My Outlander 500 is set up for the types trails I typically ride in southeastern NC pine forests. Mostly soft, sandy trails with lots of water and mud holes. I currently run 28" Zillas on factory wheels with a spring spacer lift. I have Dalton clutch kit and plenty of power for these tires. This setup works good for me around here.

I have an extra set of factory wheels and I’ve been researching tires for riding a more rocky terrain…Hatfield McCoy, Eastern Tenn, possibly a trip out west, etc. It seems that most of the trail tires for 12" wheels are made no bigger than 26". I recognize that a sacrifice in ground clearance is acceptable when not riding primarily in the mud and ruts. However, I am unsure that it makes sense to go down to a 26" tire that probably only measures 25". Also, feel like I should get a tire that has a similar weight to my Zillas so that I do not have to make a clutch change. Am I on the right track here? Or is there some advantage to 25-26" trail tires that I am missing? I don’t want my outlander looking as silly as a jacked up truck sitting on mini van tires.

I am aware that Bighorns, Dirt Commanders, Blackwaters and Pitbulls are available in 27s. Pitbulls seem nice, but too heavy for my 500. Leaning towards the 27" Dirt Commanders at this point.

tires I like but only go up to 26" on 12" rim:
Grim Reaper
Black Diamond XTR

New Maxxis Zilla Tires

well I came to the conclusion after 2 flats in a month with the factory carlisle tires there junk !!! I went with Maxxis Zillas there about the same weight and are awesome I got the same size 26 inch that My outty max had on from the factory, I didnt want to go up a size because they make them an inch wider and I didnt want to deal with a chance of rubbing. the 26 inch fit great no rubbing and the huge grips made it stand taller with the proper pressure of 7lbs it now stands 13 inches off the ground it measured 11 before the grips are huge, surprising its a smooth ride with that aggressive of a 6 ply tire

OEM beadlocks and spacers or…

OEM beadlocks and spacers or aftermarket beadlocks?
So…. I currently have DWT diablo beadlocks @ 14.5 lbs and stocks are 10.5 lbs. Of course the less weight on the wheel the more power it’ll have so I’m trying to see what makes most sense.
Is a 4 lb. Difference alot ? Actually it would be less since I would need spacers with stocks to get the off set. So would 2.5 about lbs make a big difference in power?

Also are the stocks strong enough and I would benefit from using them due to the weight savings?
It’s such a shame to not use the pretty wheels that came with my xxc. If I kept my diablos I would maybe color match the rings.
What do you guys think about the strengh, offset, weight difference and power loss?

Opinion on Carlisle ACT xlr tires?

I need to replace stock act tires. Sidewall puncture. Right away I’m thinking Carlisle might not be a good tire. But it handles great and I’ve definitely had some fun in the mud.
So after hours of research I come full circle to the 6 ply version of stock. Has tougher sidewall apparently.
And I haven’t called around locally but I’m pretty sure the Carlisle xlr will be cheaper than pitbull growlers which was my second choice.
Also the weight is only about 5lbs more per tire(xlr) as opposed to growler about 12lbs more per tire than stock. Since I have a 570, tire weight is something I should be thinking of.
Anyone run these??