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VHF/UHF radio mounting help needed

I wanted to get some ideas on how to mount a communication radio on the roof of my 2015 RZR S 900. It has the plastic Polaris roof and I want to mount it so it’s as protected from the elements as possible. I was wondering how those of you combat the elements like rain, morning dew, power washing, creek splashes, ect. Any help would be greatly appreciated, pics would be nice too 🙂

2015 rzr900

I just bought a rzr 900. I wanted to put some accessories on it. For starters a windshield and a roof.
Looking for some advice as the best place online to buy accessories.
What kind of windshield would anyone recommend.

So I hacked up my dash last night (pics)

And it was worth all the anxiety. I picked up a pair of color matched switch panels to run 8 switches for my 2016 XP4. Having never used a rivet gun or having any mounting instructions I just went for it.

I was worried about having to cut the retaining clip mounts on the backside but I didn’t have to, just notched around them leaving them in tact. Really made the boring dash come to life.

I’ll post more pics of them all installed and lit up after I’m done wiring. I picked up a Blue Sea Systems 6 circuit fuse block and ran a 6 gauge battery wire up the tunnel from the battery to the factory power block. Big thanks to Ledfoot515 who gave me a few pointers on the switch panel mounting. :headbang:

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Denali Plow Wear Bar Install Question

I just got to installing my plow with the impending storm in the northeast this weekend and I seem to have a problem. The instructions say and it comes with carriage bolts to install the wear bar. The problem is neither the wear bar or the plow has a square cut in it for the bolts so I can’t get he heads to seat all the way down. Is that right ? Was there a part or hardware change and somehow I got half/half?

2006 rzr wheels & tires ???

I am considering purchasing a set of steel wheels and tires from a 2006 rzr, the are new take offs with zero miles.
I want to use these on my 2001 sportsman 400, the fronts are the same tire size, the rears are different. So I am not sure if they will fit yet or not.?
Does anyone remember how the factory tires preformed, where the acceptable or where they junk????

Thanks in advance….