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Distributer accessory box blown?

Had my speakers, amp, and my light bar wired to the box in the front. Worked fine for a day of riding. Next day, it was on for 5 minutes and both of them quit. I’m sure I had too many amps running to it but the accessory fuse under the seat isn’t blown? Did I burn a wire to it? That’s the only thing I can think of. It doesn’t have a hot to it anymore.

#1920 Pre-Running For KOH 2016

Got a chance to get John Duckworth’s new XPT build out for some testing for King Of The Hammers. Desert Concepts handled the build and prep. Moto Race tires hooked us up with some sweet tires to test. Put John’s car through it’s paces to make sure all was well. Have a few things to iron out, but the XPT is a beast!!!

Here’s a link of a little action in Crowbar…… Enjoy

All the ads???

Has anyone noticed all the new ads on RZRForums? I dont notice it so much on Tapatalk on the phone but when I log in with my computer they are so bad the page is glitchy. Hopefully the new owners will back it down a notch…

Snorkel – Uni Filter

Put this on the 800 forum, but no response. Is anyone running snorkels with just a uni filter on the air intake and no factory airbox. Seems to me the best way as filter cleaning is a lot easier. Just wondering if there are any issues with that. Also thinking of putting a Uni on my clutch intake snorkel. My rig is currently a bone stock 2013 RZR 4 800 with 630 miles. Thanks

Razorback cargo rack

I’m seriously looking at purchasing the Razorback Cargo rack/spare tire carrier for my ’15 Trail 900. The carrier setup is a pretty big chunk of change, but really looks nice. I was wondering from those of you who have one, what your experience has been, good and bad. What, if anything, do I need to watch out for. What, if anything, would you change or do different. Thanks for your help!

Monster snow storm

I’m asking all people to check on there neighbors and friends most of KY,WV,VA under snow storm warning between 8-24 inches of snow and ice comings. This will crush almost all rural area and make all travel impossible but not to us. If a emergency arises it maybe hours before can get in to people in need. I’m asking any riding clubs or person if this paralyzes theses states to come together and help out. It is a way to show sxs riders can be useful and to get to ride on the road legally! Lol Call your local fire dept, recuse squad, EMS or your dispatch center to see if you or your club could help out during the snow emergency. Thank you