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whose running 32’s on there rzr 1000? im looking for a set that are simular to the big horns that came on it but trieing not to break the they are 29x11x14 back and 29x9x14 front. if im useing my stock rims what lee way do i have as far as width goes?


Tie rod end replacement

I bought a 2009 rzr 800 LE off a guy about three weeks ago. There is a ton of play in my steering and I believe it’s the tie rod ends. Probably 2" of play and it’s scary to drive sometimes. My problem is that the guy I bought it from bought it as it was. It has a 6" lift on it and aftermarket shocks, so when I look online trying to buy new tie rod set for front, I don’t know what I need to buy because I’m sure stock isn’t going to fit. I was looking at racer tech and found some good ones, but I honestly don’t know what I need to buy because I don’t know what is going to fit. How do I figure this out?

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Horrible mpg or is it normal

I have an 2009 rzr 800s with 27" roctanes and exhaust and fuel controller I went riding this weekend at Carolina adventure world in South Carolina It was my first big ride so when I filled the Rzr back up and figured out the miles per gallon it was 5.5 I know the 2009-2010 get worse milage but is it that bad? We have a trip planned for Windrock at the end of the month and its got me worried that I’ll have to pack some fuel on the trip and that doesn’t seem to safe any input would be great to be able to get better MPG thanks

Question about Racer Tech Medium rate Springs……..

For those of you with these medium rate springs, I have questions: (my ride is a stock 2015 900 XC):

Is the ride noticeably smoother?
Is there more ground clearance over stock springs?
Is there less spring sag?
What is the difference in spring rate in OEM vs. Racer Tech?
Will I be happier with these new shock springs?

My riding is general riding up the woods, not fast, with some rocky trails, but not a real lot. Not interested in going too fast, but a nice general ride with some rips where warranted. Usually just me (180 lbs.) with about 30 lbs. of gear. Racer Tech site formula says to go with medium rate when weight figures punched in.

I don’t want to waste my time if I won’t be happy. Just looking for a smoother ride with enough ground clearance without a lot of preload. Currently have ground clearance of 11.50" on front and 10" rear without me in it. Thanks.