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False sence of security

I just got back from a 4 day trip to Baja Ca. Pulled my 1000 down in my Big Tex trailer. We rode with my son in his truck pulling my Rzr. So why would I need my truck keys? So I left them home where I would not lose them. Well when we got to our house and I went to unload the trailer The keys to the tongue lock and bed gate were at home with my truck keys "DUH". Here is where it gets good. The locks for the bed gate took 5 minutes to unbolt and the bed gate dropped. Never thought about some one being able to unbolt the gate. Then with a rotary grinder I cut the trailer ball lock off in 2 minutes. This is one of the stainless steel pin locks. So now that I see how easy it is I will weld the gate lock receivers and bolt the safety chains. Crazy how secure you think things are till you actually put them to a test. Check your stuff out!!!

Johnny’s Team is headed to the SCORE Baja Sur 500

Gods Speed ,and Good luck Johnny and team UTV Inc .

Inaugural Bud Light SCORE Baja Sur 500 on April 16-19.

Marking the first time a SCORE Baja race has been held entirely in Baja California Sur, it will be a point-to-point race starting in Cabo San Lucas on the southern tip of Baja and finishing in Loreto on the east side of the peninsula along the Sea of Cortez.

Desert Molding Concepts XP1000 Fender Skirts

Just installed the Fender skirts and they really help my trailing arms and rear shocks from getting sand blasted .

These are designed to keep the stuff that flies off of the front tires and shoot right back to the rear lower fender, trailing arms, radius rod, axles etc. It really puts a beating on those components, chipping and sand blasting them. Those nicks and dings not only ruin the finish but are doing untold damage long term.

We came up with our Fender Skirts to only protects the rear lower fender, but more importantly the rear components. You will feel the difference right away!

These are not a sheet product or rubber. They are a cast Polyurethane product that we mold in house. This allows us to choose a material that is hard enough to maintain a thin cross section, holds it’s shape and is tough enough to take a beating but flexible enough to get out of the way when it needs to.

Easy install and eliminates that empty bottle, machine gun rata-ta-tat-tat that you hearing running down your favorite trail.

Check out the amount of sand my front tires throw back .

These fender skirts really cuts down what hits my rear shocks and trailing arms .

Power Steering quit working!!

2013 900 XP4, My dealer tells me that the power steering is gone and he wants to replace it for $1800 + labor?

When you turn the key on the steering wheel turns all the way to the left?
If you unplug the lower connector you can drive it fine but without power steering.

Has anyone else had this problem? Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

If it truly is gone is there any chance of finding a good used one?

Has anyone replaced the factory power steering with an A/M kit?

Thanks for any advice or help you all can offer…