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900xp Z1 Trail machine build.

Whats up everyone. I’m pretty new to the forums but just picked up my first RZR project from KingR on here. After contemplating just buying a new 1000s I figured I would never be satisfied with the power so getting into a Z1 is a no brainer.

The machine is a 2012 900xp with a Hawk swap kit, and a few more upgrades. Figured I would document progress as I go here, as there aren’t many pictures I found on here when I was trying to research this. The motor and trans are put together already, so it needs to be plumed and wired. It will be pretty much a trail machine, part time drag racer, etc.

The day I picked it up, just before the 6hr ride BACK home, ugh. Again Gary has been an awesome guy to deal with!

Back home, next to my buddy’s 800s.

Tearing right into it, pulling the cage and plastics off, should make wiring a bit easier.

Looking good

So plans are up in the air a bit at this point. Might run the factory cage for a bit, but I want to build a complete exo cage and doors seeing as I have a nice tubing bender sitting here. We’ll see how it goes figuring out the lines and wiring on this thing!

16′ XPT4 Z1 Conversion

Started my z1 conversion this week.

New crate Z1 w/3 postion boost switch
Head studs
Rage 8 and STM’s new secondary
Sand Craft cage and aluminum work

There is a couple unknowns with this one that i will need to be address like the cooling system and fuel pump. Also appreciate any input from you guys that have done the conversion.


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My Z1 winter ride

Z1 swap, vipec, EVO big chute turbo 38#s of boost, engine done by priceless performance, stm rage 8 primary matching tunner secondary, hawks Z1 swap kit, tuning by glenn hall, tmw seats cage and doors, shock therapy stage 3 setup and home made enclosure.

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HP question

I presently have a 900XP,low comp pistons, valve springs, K and T water to air turbo 12psi. What kind of HP do you think a I have and would it compare to a N/A Apex motor?

Z1 swap pros and cons

Hey guys, new member here! Would love some insight from Z1 swap owners before I take the plunge.

I have a 2014 XP1K and am loving it so far but of course I have the itch for more power. I was throwing around the idea of a boondocker turbo setup but after more research I am really considering a Z1 swap from pace offroad during the next off season.

I would love to hear some impressions from you guys about reliability and if you were to do it again, what would you change? etc. Since I would have to ship the car to pace (I am in socal) and am not the most mechanically inclined I just don’t want to run into a bunch of problems after the build. We mostly go to Dumont with a Pismo or glamis trip sprinkled in every once in a while.

Thanks for reading look forward to hearing some of your opinions.