Turbo flutter, turbo questions

Hey guys I bought a used boondocker turbo kit that’s non intercooled and am running about 8psi, this turbo doesn’t make a single noise. Why is it that like a packard turbo kit makes the turbo flutter/bark sound when they dump out of the throttle and mine dosent? I know I know "it’s bad on the turbo" but I’m just curious that if maybe my intake has to much rubber hose and plastic involved or from the turbo to the throttle bodies has to much silicone elbows or rubber so it might be doing it I just can’t hear it. If I went to a k&n pod filter off the turbo with mostly hard pipe as well as replaced the turbo to throttle bodie side of things with more hard pipe would I hear that sound? The kit has a garrett turbo

The stock intake cover is used but with an aluminum back that notches around a separate intake plenum might not be able to see what I mean in the pictures

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