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New motor now won’t start

A buddy and I have been working on a 2012 rzr 900xp. Got a reman motor from a forum sponsor and got it installed.

Monday- motor was in, oil and coolant filled and primed. Took some time to get it fired up due to a dead battery. Once it fired up it idled smooth for 30-40 mins as we went through the process of bleeding the cooling system. Idled around 1400rpm. Shut it down for the night without elevating idle. Plugged in a battery tender and left it be.

Thursday – installed the rest of the plastics and then again had a hard time starting. Seemed to only fire on one cylinder. Thought it was running decent and took it around the yard and half way back it felt like it lost power. Then it was a struggle to keep running.

Since then- installed new plugs. Verified spark and fuel in both cylinders. Swapped out possibly bad fuel. Ohm tested crank position sensor. Now will not start at all. Pulled intake and passenger side intake boot soaked with fuel. Crank motor and get a backfire on the pass anger side cylinder with a lot of air blow out. Occasionally with the right throttle position can get it to barely bang (very rough idle) on what seems like one cylinder.

Sorry for the long winded post but the best way to accurately diagnose something is with a lot of details.

Thanks a lot !!

fox vs. elka

I have been getting ready to change the suspension on my xp900.

I have been debating over these two setups. ATV galaxy sells the LSR MTS stage 2 with elka stage 4’s for 3,495$ and with the fox RC2 2.5’s for $4,495.

RC2 seem to be around $2,800-$3,000 for just the shocks.

That’s a fairly large difference in price. I had set aside $3k as a budget and can stretch it a little but it looks like to get the Fox shocks I would probably not be able to afford the long travel as well. However if I go with the Elka’s I can afford to do everything.

Would it be better to do the suspension and shocks with elka’s or just the Fox shocks?

I’ve always had good luck with Elka shocks on my ATV’s but it seems like everyone really likes the Fox shocks for these RZR’s

prop shaft support bearing

I just replaced my prop shaft support bearing @ 2500 miles. I had read all the horror stories. I wonder if most know that these can be greased with a needle? When I removed it I noticed the tiny holes in the outside race. When I unpackaged the new oem brg I was able to get almost 3 pumps into the new one. Now that known I will be servicing this & hope to not have any more issues. Just wanted to share in case some did not know this.

Time for tires. So whats the hot setup?

Time to put tires on the rzr. 2011 rzr xp900. Was thinking mongrels in 28x10x14 but I want opinions on what else you guys are running? I live in AZ and run lots of rocks and sand. Looks like with all my research that those are the lightest truc style tire but I could be wrong…

I need to pick up wheels as well so are bead locks necessary?


A few mods

Hey guys, have been reading for a looooooong time, figured it was time I start pulling my own weight around here.

I found a marine access door off of amazon for like 8 bucks for checking oil, came in black so worked out perfect.

And after going through a voltage regulator at only 50 hours, went ahead and moved my new one up high and dry. I haven’t had a chance to run it yet, so not sure if it gets too hot up in the bed cavity.

I also cut and rewelded one of the support bars so I dont have to drop the entire filter housing when i want to check my donaldson filter.

Thanks for stopping by.

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