Trx350fe es timing ?just to clarify?

ok so I had issues with the electric shift stripped front off the front of the crank case found the plate carrier had sheared off sooo… I then stripped the cylinder head off and split the crank case so I could take it to a machine shop to get bolt drilled out and new one put in , in the repair manual it mentions about the timeing and looking through the timing hole to make sure the cylinder was dead centre or something like that , I couldn’t find any hole , now I have not removed any of the back covers from crank case only the es motor side which exposes all the gears to me when off , I did not remove the piston its siting about half inch out from crank case now MY QUESTION IS
have I done anything that will effect the timing ?
just don’t want to put bike back together and it doesn’t run properly as its a lot of work to stip down again! anyone with sound knowledge got any input for me please?