Highlifter workmanship

So i recently bought 10 highlifter DHT axles for 3 seperate machines. Put 4 on an outlander 1000, 4 on a Renegade 1000, and 2 rears on a 650 Xmr. 5 minutes into the 1st ride of the season the 1st axle fails on the rear of the Renegade. It looks as though the clip that holds the CV into the Cup fell out and the whole joint pulled out loosing all the bearings. This machine was disabled and towed back to the trailer. Later in the day being nervous of more failures i looked at the axles on the 1000 Outlander and noticed that both boots on the right front axle came off. So worried that Highlifter would not warranty i took pictures while still clean. Obviously this ruined my ride because now i am dodging all the water and mud. When we get back to the trailer I looked at the axles again and the left front has grease coming out of the boot on the inner joint. Needless to say i am not impressed with Highlifter right now. I only hope that their customer service is better than their workmanship. Maybe i got a bad run of axles but now i am down 2 machines while waiting for replacements.