rusted, stuck, hard to remove bolts ?…then you need a propane torch !

Hey gang, I thought I would toss this out there for all you atv owners that run across a hard to remove bolt, nut ?. if it won’t move very good from the normal turning ?..then you can bet your bottom will not move ?..or will snap off ! so is another fine tool you need to have handy around your work area !. A PROPANE TORCH !!. I use MAP gas yellow bottle, it burns hotter than the blue bottle propane torches !. and it works fast in my book. you can buy this for about 9 bucks or so at any hardware store. I buy mine at lowes. wal-mart carries the blue bottle kind ?..but I like the MAP gas better. I can not tell you how many times this tool has saved my butt from stuck, seized , broken off bolts, studs, nuts won’t budge ? name it !. this is a MUST HAVE TOOL IN YOUR WORK AREA !. buy it, try it, I bet you will love it !.