Not a good day

G/F and I went for a ride coupe weeks ago. She pulled in front of me and slowed down, my left front hit her right rear, flipping the bike over and ending up upside down. Thankfully have full coverage, so took it to a dealer to have them check it out and fix it. I got a call Friday, and looks like it’s gonna get totaled. $4500 just in parts. Frame, steering stem/bars, right tie rod/CV shaft, both rear trailing arms, plastics, grab bar, brand new full Muzzy exhaust :th_smiliefrustrated and some other stuff I can’t remember. But what pisses me off, blue book on it is $6500-6900, depending what book you use. Machine is in excellent condition, not even 800 miles yet. I asked the insurance company about if it does get totaled, how will they come up with an amount to replace it. They said there is no blue book for ATVs, which is obviously BS, KBB and NADA. But he said they go by current market value. That would be so much better than the blue book, since I paid $8k for just about a year ago. Every 1000 ‘gade I see is well over that. I should hear from them early this week, already missed out on a mud race today, and end of the month is another good ride in Hancock NY. I miss it already…:sad:

But what’s weird is I was only doing bout 20 when it went over. I’m sure it’s the 800 pounds that did the damage, but damn, totaling it??? Riding the grizz just isn’t the same.