HELP…axles popping/new axles and wheels and tires

Hello,i haven’t posted in a long time so this may lengthy, i hope i’m doing this right!! I need help, so any input is greatly appreciated. I have a 09 outlander 800 with out lift kit at all and i had 26" big horns on it when i got it and i sold them and purchased 27" efx moto tires and decided i didn’t want them and i really stepped up with 12" itp wheels with 28x10x12 and 28x12x12 silverback tires. I never had a problem with my axles popping out till i put the silverbacks on. I thought the first time the right rear came out it was a fluke type thing because my daughter was just riding it around the yard. Bought a new rear diff seal,pop the axle back in and the way i went…rode it for miles no problem in the mud,dirt and water…took it on a trip with a bunch if friends and i backed it off the trailer boom the rear right popped out again. Got it back home and i put new seals in the rear diff again and put new clips in the inner part of the axles,new rear bearings,sway/torsion bar bearings….and the way i went again..i prolly rode another 300-500 miles before i took the same trip with my friends i took the year prior when it broke taking it off the trailer. Now this time i rode 3 days in snow,mud and gravel roads when on the 3rd nite i was going through some snow and high sided it and that’s when "both" of the rear axles fell out again. I ride pretty hard at times now and then. I can’t figure it out at all. I had to towed back about 10 miles and i’m getting sick of it. Now i got it home all tore apart. I took the rear shocks off and found out they were shot!!! I ordered new shocks all the way around,new rear diff seals again,two new aftermarket axles for the rear completely assembled. Took the itp wheels and silverbacks off and ordered 27" Sedona rip saws on 14" MSO m12 diesels. I have yet to get it back together but what do you all think the problem is and am i doing the right thing??? Is it tires? Bad shocks? I just want this to end and i don’t have to worry about it!! One more question…do oem axles plunge in and out on both the inner and outter cv joints? The new one’s i ordered only plunge on the inner side so i called the company i purchased from and they told me the oem should only plunge on the inner CV. Now i’m not sure if these are aftermarket one’s i took out because i purchased the quad with 600 miles on it. The company told me as long as they are the same length as the oem’s only the inner cv needs to plunge. Sound rite? Any input is gonna help because i’m really getting irritated with the bike!!:th_smiliefrustrated:th_smiliepissed: