New SxS owner…. not sure yet???

Hey everyone, been on the web looking for years at this forum, always been a die hard Polaris and ATV guy but ever since the RZR came out I wanted one, I saved and finally got a new 900S Titanium in November…. I have owned many sportsmans and even raced GNCC on Scramblers and Predators….

Big question is has anyone else second guessed the switch? I have had it out 3 times on trails and I can’t say "I love it!"….not sure why, its fast and no doubt fun, however I almost feel like is less "personal" of a ride than the Sportsman I replaced, not sure I like not seeing the tires while riding or not getting the option of body weight to effect the ride and handling.
Has anyone else struggled adjusting? if so what did it take to start loving it?…. My wife can’t believe it because I have whined about getting on for years…. any insight would be appreciated… thx