2008 Outlaw 90 need help!!

First off hi everybody and thanks for having me here!. Ok heres the deal. I aquired this 08 Outlaw 90 in a trade for some old rims I had laying around. Runs great, looks great, and drives decent. Well drove I guess I could say 🙁 . Im decently mechanically inclined, but am not familiar with cvt drive systems. When I put it into gear, either forward or reverse, i would have to "mess" with the shift lever to get it to go into gear. It would lightly click and clack a little before (fully?) Engaging. Then while riding, it seemed like it was revving higher than it should be in comparison to how fast it was going. Like it was slipping almost rather than reaching top speed. The transmision/ clutch also seems pretty loud like a whining I guess you could say. So today I pulled the cvt cover off, and removed the belt just to get a good look around. Nothing was dirty or dusty and the belt is intact and seems to be of good condition (although I dont know exactly how it should look when its right) but it looks fine to me. I didnt want to delve any deeper than that bc I dnt know much about these systems. One thing struck me as odd but may be perfectly normal, idk. The secondary clutch seems to operate and pull in as it should, but it moves around alot? Like it pivots an inch or so in every direction? Is it supposed to be like that or should it be locked in place and free spinning? As far as the primary clutch, im not able to push it in or pull it out or anything by hand like I can on the secondary. So I put the belt back on and painstakingly got the cover back on bc the way the secondary moves around. I had to try and hold it in place and get the shaft to go into the bearing in the cover. Got it all back together exactly how it came apart finally. Started right up. But now when I put it in gear, it goes in forward or reverse with no problems, but it makes a load clacking sound. It kinda jeks into either gear and immediatly starts clacking. If I give it gas, it stalls out. Sorry for being so long winded, I but I am in desperate need of help!!!!! Thanks in advance