Looking for electrical connector

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all doing well, and riding safe,

I’m looking to order a specific connector to fix our 2010 sportsman 500 HO 6×6, and can’t find it anywhere. So I thought I’d try to see if any one here would be able to know. I’ve listed a few pictures also.

Basically it’s one of the two connectors on left handlebar. Its a 6 prong horizontal connector with only 3 wires going to it. One wire is the engine shut off, the second is the power reverse and I think the last is the high beams.

It’s worn on the inside because of having replaced the pico female connectors (610-14) so often. The sportsman has a tendency of just shutting off because of bad connection at this plug. Secondly if anyone knows of any mods that fix this problem that would be great if you would like to share.

Please note I understand replacing the entire wire harness is an option, but we all know that’s ridiculous.

Appreciate all your help and expertise, please be well

– Whiskey Fox

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