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Shift shaft

New here, ive searched the forum but havnt found what im looking for exactly. I just got a 2010 polaris sportsman 550 EPS and I need to change the shift shaft. The linkage is stripped and I have a new one, but the teeth and threads on the shift shaft are all tore up as well. It appears vice grips may have been used to get it back in gear or something. What exactly do I need to do to change the shift shaft out? Do I need to pull the transmission or is there a simpler way? Thanks for the help.

95 Xplorer 2 stroke engine oil leak

My starter wouldn’t turn over so when I got to the part of taking off the recoil housing, 2 stroke oil just gushed out of it. The leak filled the starter also. The counterbalance, trans and coolant levels are fine.

So, referencing…0-xplorer.html

would just changing the outside oil seal #44 fix the issue or would the inside one have to be changed as well? It looks like much work would have to be done for the inside seal.

Oil Change Oil Weight Queston?

2001 Sportsman 500 HO 4X4

My Polaris Manual it says I should use:
PP4 Polaris 0W/40 Synthetic Engine Lubricant.

Well I bought an oil change kit online. The item description the Oil-W wasn’t listed. I just checked to make sure it was compatible with my Model or thought. However noticed this kit I bought is 5W-50. Should it be ok or should I send it back and get the correct one?

I’m just not sure how flexible it is compared to car oil. Even then some cars are more picky then others and can cause issue if not the correct W.

If it helps this is the oil change kit #877473 I bought for it.


Rebuilding 1990 Trail Boss 2×4, with questions

I have a 1990 2×4 Trail Boss. I bought it for my wife knowing it had low compression. I was able to make it run, but not easily or reliably, so off with the jug. I should be picking it up next week, so re-assembly shall begin. I am doing some repainting of racks and some various trim to make it more "her" bike. I pulled the clutch cover and removed the engine from the frame. I got the clutch off and replaced that crank seal, still have to get the flywheel off to replace that crank seal. I am trying to clean the thing as much as I can before giving it to her, so the rear plastics are off and the frame is gonna get a good wash down. I am new to belt drive quads, but I have read a few things about getting the belt wet. I don’t remember any kind of seal being in the clutch cover, so is there supposed to be? This bike isn’t going to be rode in mass amounts of water, maybe not even mud, so I don’t think it will need to be super water tight, but if there needs to be some sort of seal, we can do that.
Another question, on the seal between the case and jug, does there need to be sealant used, or just the gasket? I know a good air tight seal is necessary in the crankcase, just want to make sure I get that.
Another question I have, what is the purpose for the knob on the side of the brake caliper on the trans? I can’t figure out any point to that things existence!


2014 sportsman, starter solenoid

Hi, this is my 1st post on here. I want to say, reading ya’lls post have helped me a lot in the past ! Thank you ! Ok, I have ordered 2 aftermarket solenoids for my 2014 sportsman 400ho . At 1st it wouldn’t ground well. I fixed that, but the wires came loose just a little and I’m having same problem now. The post are so small, I tried taking the 2nd nut off and it caused the stud to move and ruined another solenoid. Is there anywhere you can get one with bigger studs. Or maybe use a different kind. It is a very touchy solenoid. Thx again.

Fixed 4wd 2000 xpedition

4wd wasn’t engaging tonight so I drained the fluid from the hubs which was low and pretty black. Shot some brake clean in spun and drained. Filled with synthetic atf sealed and spun- drained and refilled to appropriate level and works like a charm. I realize probably not the best way to clean and wonder if brake cleaner is bad for the seals but it dries pretty quick. Good quick fix worked and will do a thorough clean out after the snow melts.

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