Just got a Rancher 420, need to fix a few things

Just picked up a 2010 Rancher 420 TRX420FM. Other than the usual trail rash, only issues I found are it needs a bumper cover, tires, and a CV axle.

I know the bumper cover can be had cheap from eBay, and I’m thinking about adding a moose front bumper to protect the front end a little better.

The tires have enough tread to get me through the next few hunting seasons, but they are 26" mud lites and I don’t like the way that they ride. I have a line on a set of OE takeoffs, or will get Carlisle AT489 in stockish size mounted on the aftermarket12x7 wheels.

The real question is the CV axle. I’ve seen them on eBay for ~$70. Are these any good? Will the hold up fine on a stock 420? We mostly use them in the woods for hunting, dad has a stock 09 Foreman 500 that he rarely even has to use 4wd on.