trying to get some performance out of a 660..questions

hi all..i’m new on here..been riding some over the day,and wanted to ask a few general questions..i have an 02 660 thats stock other than 28/10/12 and 28/12/12 tires..looking to get a lil perfomance out of it before i put my lift and snorkel kit on it

there are no rock climbing over here,so basically looking for all around performace increase’s..mostly going to ride some trails..and a lil mudding..but nothing crazy..only reason i’m putting on the lift and snorkels ,is because it came with it..and it looks good 🙂

anyway,have a new belt for it,and have narrowed it down so far to getting a shaved sheave ,as a good start

i’m guessing the snorkel setup will require a jet change..i’m thinking it has a k-n in it..but if not,anyone suggest a good filter? and good jet kit?

have thought about a muffler..but there are alot to choose,any suggestions on that,or anything else that would give me a lil increase in performance,let me know.thanks in advance!