Grizzly 660 Valve Train Issues?

Hey Guys, I am new to the forum, but a decently experienced ATV/mechanical guy. Started in High School rebuilding Honda 3 wheelers for extra cash. Went to college got my mechanical engineering degree; designed and built some mini Baja cars for the SAE mini Baja competition while at school. Now I buy, fix, and sell 4 wheelers as a hobby. It’s a great way to get to drive all different wheelers. I don’t get attached to much and everything is for sale.

So here is my story.
Bought a 2002 Grizzly 660 for $800. Was smoking badly (blue) and has 1500 HRS and 3000 miles. It was used on a small horse ranch to pull a manure spreader since new. Ran pretty decent when I bought it. Just figured one of the valve seals let loose.

Brought it home and tore it down. Lapped the valves, new rings, new valve seals, new gaskets, honed the cylinder, replaced the cam chain. The cam and rockers were decently worn, but I have put together many engines with worse. Put everything back together and runs like crap. Will idle fine but won’t take throttle and is smoking blue after it warms up. Figure the smoke just some oil left in the exhaust from the previous failure. Frustrated out it back in the garage and left it for a week. Came backnout to work on it and it will barely run at all and is smoking very badly white/black. Not sweet smell just straight gas. Pulled the carb and noticed the intake was full of gas. Float was misadjusted and pouring gas in the engine. Checked the oil and full of gas…. Ordered a new carb, changed the oil and filter twice. All traces of gas in the oil gone. Installed the new carb and still running very rich so rich it is smoking. Pulled the spark arrestor thinking it maybe plugged and it is sooty but I can see through it. Ran it without the arrestor and no change. Still doesn’t take throttle well. Sometimes!e I can get it to hook up. After I get it to rev and puke out the excess fuel, the smoke goes away for awhile however after idling for about 30 seconds it comes back. Seems to be super rich gray/white smoke smells like gas. Not blue, not super white or sweet smelling so don’t thinknit is leaking coolant. At this point I am at a loss. Thinking my issue is somewhere in the valve train but not sure. Lifting it up to the experts for help and some opinions