Buying Jets

Hi Guys so I have another thread going right now regarding my 2002 400EX carb cleaning and disassembly etc.. etc.. etc.. and right now i was asking about a ballpark jetting setup for my quad so i can put the order in for my jets. Here’s the thing though I want and will pretty much only settle for Keihin jets. i don’t want Dyno Pro-x FMF or any of that other aftermarket B.S. jets in there.. I want Genuine Keihin Jets!! so with that said it seems like the only options i have found so far are ordering them through motosport which is a huge rip off because you’re paying $21 for 4 jets of the same size (who needs 4 of the same sized jets!?!?) the other option i just discovered and heard about tonight is ordering through this website called Jets R Us. According to their website they will sell me GENUINE Keihin jets individually which is exactly what i want because then i will only be purchasing and paying for the Jets that I need, not a bunch of unnecessary extra jets to pay for. Has anyone heard of or bought things from/done business with Jets R Us? do they seem like a high quality outfit? just wondering because this almost seems to good to be true haha:)