firts ride on 650 xmr

so I just put my first 4 hrs on my 650 xmr,,just for comparison of what I had before,it was a 2013 750 brute clutched piped ,all the good stuff. so I could not be happier:aniwheeler6:. the bike rode smooth after 8-10 kmhr,suspension soked up the bumps awesome, manuverability and the tri mod power steering was beautiful, so I didnt hit no crazy mud cause I trying to break it easy but I was in and out of the ditches and ruts which here in the Canadian east coast are sloppy,the bike pulled with out a spin of the tire,i was surprised,,i heard 1 cherp from my belt but nothing serious. so far,im really happy bout the purchase because I wanted an awesome trailmud bike,and boy did can am deliver. I think those mud zillas are underestimated by most..for a good trail and mud tire,i don’t think theres a better one,,but there are definatly better pure mud tires,,SB & OL,,oh and the guade cluster,i was impressed,being able to switch from trip modew,and time and rpm mode to c your engagement and revs in a number was fun,,,so future mods iv noticed id like first is either a Dalton kit or if I can wait and save, a QSC primary,would like a bit more bottom end,,i know its only a 650 not the 800 but I still think the 650 can am is an impressive motor for its class,and with a little clutch tuning it will be amazing,anyway that’s my first ride,thnx for reading:th_smiliewavey: