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2016 850 xmr shock adjustment

I need the opinion of you 2016 850 XMR owners. I’m reading a lot about the "bad" "horrible""rough" Etc, ride or the XMR’s. Do they really ride THAT bad? I thought the new fox shocks were adjustable, if so how does the preload on the spring adjust? Does it screw up and down or are there notched cams? Thanks

Tire and clutch setup

I have a 16′ 650 XMR and I want to put 29.5 ORIGINAL outlaws all skinny with a CVtech primary. I never hear much about the Cvtechs but everyone I’ve talked to said they haven’t had issues and does just fine. Thoughts?

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Any reason to avoid 13/14 1000 XMRs?

I am in the market to buy 1 or 2 XMRs one for me and one for the GF, I am most likely going to buy a 2016 for me, but I’ve found some 13/14 1000’s for $9k-$10k and thinking of getting her one of those, any reason other than the ACS to avoid these? Do the 15 have that much more enhancements to look at those instead? I don’t want a machine that has to many idiosyncrasies as I want the machine to be as simple and reliable as the King Quad 750 she rides now.

If I got a 2nd new one I might get he a 650 or 850.

Exhaust pipe removal

I just did the heat wrap on my exhaust pipe on my xmr 1000 and started to put the exhaust pipe back on and before I got too far I noticed this ring thing on the floor of my shed, thinking what the hell is this, YUP! There are some type of exhaust sealing rings that are recessed into the cyclinder head exhaust port, I never noticed that these fell out when I removed the exhaust but man! Am I glad I found them before I put that exhaust on, just want everyone to know

Spare gas tank for the xmrs

That koplin gas tank set up seems like a really good idea Iv never heard of it till a few weeks ago does anyone have this set up? Do u like it? I’m really considering this even tho it’s pricey, either way I would feel much better w spare gas on the ride, pics if u got them

570 mods

See alot of misc chat about the 570. So here it is. What nods have you guys done. I know it’s not a 1000 but has anyone done any clutching or power mods on the 570 that were successful? Pipe? With your pipe did you get the fuel optimizer??