Duel battery with 4 terminal solenoid question.

Have a quick question. I installed the duel battery set up with a solenoid which has 4 terminals (2 large, 2 small). Everything works fine, but I am not near by buggy and on of my friends is also installing his and wanted to know what terminals goes where on the solenoid. I can not remember where the wires go for the two smaller terminals, I know one is ground and the other goes to the ignition just can not remember. Looking a the solenoid, the far left (large) terminal goes to the positive on the (newly added) fuse box, the far right (large terminal goes to the Positive on the battery, now I forget what the two smaller terminals go to. If we label them 1-4 (left to right), 1 (positive fuse box), 2 (?), 3 (?), 4 (positive on battery).. Thanks.