Douglas 10″ rims on ’16 Rancher?

Hello ya’ll…

I want to mount 10" diameter (10×8) Douglas aluminum black label rims on my 2016 Honda Rancher. I understand that the bolt pattern is the same as a Honda 400ex, so the same Douglas 10×8 black label rims should mount up to the Rancher, unless the drum brake doesn’t clear.

When I look at my current stock setup, I see that my 11" stock steel Honda Rancher rims have a decent amount of clearance between the rim and the drum brake housing.

I know you’ll all be thinking about things like offset, and outside diameter if mine is a 4×4, etc.

I don’t see any problems there because I plan to run 24" diameter tires on the Douglas rims, and the offset will be to the outside, so I don’t see a problem there either where I’ll be running in sand dunes.

Does anyone know if these 10" Douglas rims will mount up and clear the drum?