Clutch slipping maybe?

Hey guys. I have a 13′ RZR 900XP that I bought as a leftover in January of 2014. I didn’t realize that this was actually an issue, I just assumed that it was normal, since it has done it since I can remember. I mean the RZR only has 3 or 4 oil changes on it.

I can be in hi, go WOT and around 55ish, it will cut out like it is hitting the rev limiter. If I back off the throttle just a little bit, then it is fine, up until it hits max speed of 74-75 whatever it is.

Talking to a friend of mine the other day, and he said that it wasn’t normal, and sounded like it was the belt, although it could be the clutch.

What is everyone’s thoughts? What belt is everyone going with? I had heard of some people getting the more expensive belt from Orielly’s, but not sure if that is the one to go with or not. I believe that its a gates carbon fiber one?