fox vs. elka

I have been getting ready to change the suspension on my xp900.

I have been debating over these two setups. ATV galaxy sells the LSR MTS stage 2 with elka stage 4’s for 3,495$ and with the fox RC2 2.5’s for $4,495.

RC2 seem to be around $2,800-$3,000 for just the shocks.

That’s a fairly large difference in price. I had set aside $3k as a budget and can stretch it a little but it looks like to get the Fox shocks I would probably not be able to afford the long travel as well. However if I go with the Elka’s I can afford to do everything.

Would it be better to do the suspension and shocks with elka’s or just the Fox shocks?

I’ve always had good luck with Elka shocks on my ATV’s but it seems like everyone really likes the Fox shocks for these RZR’s