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What to look for?

Going with a friend of mine to look at a used 2015 900S this morning. I don’t own one of these and a lot of you guys/gals do, what would you check out on a used one to ensure its in good shape? Anything to listen for when test driving? Any known issues i.e. Front diff, timing chain noise….. Any help would be appreciated.

900 S Cargo – Yeti 45 and Toolbox?

For those of you with a 900S or 1000S:

How are you setting up your cargo area with your Yeti – or any cooler for that matter – and tool/part storage? I’ve got a Yeti 45 that goes with me on the big weekend rides and some of the shorter rides, but I’d like to have something that’ll also fit in the bed with it to carry some basic tools and parts for the trail as well.

I already have a soft tool bag that I take, but it’s a pain to clean up afterward and the dust or water gets through to the tools. I’d also like for it to be easily washable and preferably with the pressure washer.

Post up some pictures if you’ve got them available.

Rolled 2015 RZR 900S

So I rolled her the other day trying to power slide a little too aggressively. I was pretty upset but eventually realized that these things happen and are just part of the "experience". Fortunately nobody was hurt and my passenger and I were able to laugh about it over a few beers afterwards. Now that the smoke settled, I have a door and a whole bunch of plastic to replace. Which brings me to my two questions:

Do you guys routinely replace cracked plastic? So far I’ve replaced about $500 worth from previous minor "bumps" into trees etc. This plastic repair adds up for sure and I’m starting to think I shouldn’t be so quick to replace minor cracks. I probably have about $600 of cracked plastic from the roll that needs to be replaced.

My passenger door got pretty beat up including the weld-bolster that the door attaches to in the rear. I was thinking instead of purchasing a new OEM door, I might look for an aftermarket full door. Any recommendations?


No Power – Accessory Power Point Under Hood

I’ve got my SuperATV 4500 lb winch installed in my 2015 Rzr 900 S with the positive & negative wires hooked up under the hood to the accessory spot vice the battery. Well, the winch does not work and after troubleshooting for an hour I discovered that there is no power to this location.

Does anyone know where the other end of this thing is hooked up ? Is there a fuse or something that needs to be connected before the spot becomes live ?

Thanks !

Tender Spring Swap?

Guys, I’ve read through as many of the spring threads as possible. I was wondering if anyone makes a kit to just replace the rear tender spring, and then possibly use that stock softer tender on the front.

Or just a replacement for the rear tender spring along. I’ve seen the kit from the company that replaces the rear tender AND replaces the front spring, but even that is more than I am looking for…I don’t ride too hard any more and I’m just looking to eliminate sag and keep from the occasional bottom out.

Anyone see anything like that? Or know of a spring that can be used to replace that soft rear by itself?

spring spacer

Anyone running or know of a spring spacer for the front springs? Dont really wanna buy all new springs. The rears are fine just front is really saggy.

Ricks regulator

About a month ago my factory regulator went out and i replaced it with a ricks motorsports regulator. Well this morning i got in my rzr and when i started it i noticed the dash said lo and it was only showing 10.8 volts. I rode it around a little and the voltage never came up. Tonight i put my bad factory one back on and it now shows 13.9 volts. Has anybody else had trouble with their ricks motorsports regulator?

Trail Armor UHMW Skid

any one out there running this skid ?

Trail Armor Polaris 2015 – 2016 RZR S 900, RZR S 900 EPS, RZR 900, RZR 900 EPS TRAIL, RZR 900 XC and 2016 RZR S 1000 Full Skids with Slider Nerfs or Trimmed for Polaris Kick Out Steel Rock Sliders

just curious about the fit and finish or if there were any issues you encountered.

ive looked into the factory UTV skid and the Tusk skids, i just like the way this one covers and how it has the high kick up on the sides.