Rolled 2015 RZR 900S

So I rolled her the other day trying to power slide a little too aggressively. I was pretty upset but eventually realized that these things happen and are just part of the "experience". Fortunately nobody was hurt and my passenger and I were able to laugh about it over a few beers afterwards. Now that the smoke settled, I have a door and a whole bunch of plastic to replace. Which brings me to my two questions:

Do you guys routinely replace cracked plastic? So far I’ve replaced about $500 worth from previous minor "bumps" into trees etc. This plastic repair adds up for sure and I’m starting to think I shouldn’t be so quick to replace minor cracks. I probably have about $600 of cracked plastic from the roll that needs to be replaced.

My passenger door got pretty beat up including the weld-bolster that the door attaches to in the rear. I was thinking instead of purchasing a new OEM door, I might look for an aftermarket full door. Any recommendations?