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2006 Sportsman 700 Sunset Red

Try to find a Sunset Red instrument pod cover for a 2006 Sportsman 700EFI. I checked the VIN and I believe the model is MH68A7.

I can find Indy Red but not Sunset Red. The base part number that I pulled off the old one is 5435364. I don’t know what comes after the dash

I’ve looked at different 06 models as well as forwards and back 2 years. It’s the same Sunset Red I have on my 2015 Ranger (color code might be P520).

Any ideas where I can find the correct, full PN for the Sunset Red? Is it still available?

What to look for?

Going with a friend of mine to look at a used 2015 900S this morning. I don’t own one of these and a lot of you guys/gals do, what would you check out on a used one to ensure its in good shape? Anything to listen for when test driving? Any known issues i.e. Front diff, timing chain noise….. Any help would be appreciated.