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Sportsman 1000 top speed issue.

Yesterday i tried a top speed run and the quad bogged around 74 mph. (Pulling, stop pulling and then pulling again) I had her to 78 mph before racing a body and keeping her at it for 20 secs and it never did it. Could it just be bad fuel ? Or my ignition ? Just to mention . I had my spark arrestor off to see if it would help with my exhaust heat problem. So give me your opinions guys thx

One year Review of my Polaris Sportsman XP 10000

I posted this in the wrong section the other day. I have own my 2015 Polaris Sportsman XP 1000 exactly one year and after putting on over 1500 miles I am more than pleased. I understand some are having some heat issues and I hate to hear that. Mine gets hot after long riding but no melting or glowing. The power is more than enough for anyone and the handling is unbelievable. I do mostly trial riding and using it to plant food plots and it’s not let me down. Plenty of kick ass torque to pull most anything within reason. I have had it up to 82 MPH and pulled back after I got too scared…I have added many extras to compliment this machine as you can see below. I haven’t had to fix or repair anything. I don’t take it thru deep mud/water as I see some guys do nor do I beat it to hell with no regard to what I might break by this behavior. If you are looking for a fast, smooth riding machine that can carry a 6-5, 260 lb man and equipment over 82 MPH, THEN THIS IS THE MACHINE FOR YOU! I don’t regret in buying this baby.


I Installed a PCV on my 1000 and it didn’t have any provisions for a key
wire. So that its power is controlled via the key. It seems to stay on constantly.

Is this right or am i missing something. They one I installed previously on a bow s1000 had me tap into a key wire.

stock exhaust bung

Does anyone know if there is an O2 bung in the stock exhaust that can be used with the power commander auto tune?

I have the PCV with some generic map. I want to buy and auto tuner but cannot buy that and a full exhaust right now.

Bonus points if anyone has a PCV map for a stock bike with only a modded air box!!

Sportsman 1000 Exhaust Issue

So I brought my XP in to the dealer because the seat was melting…Took 2.5 MONTHS for Polaris to get the parts to the dealer…replaced the exhaust, added heat shielding and gave me a new seat….Well today, 2 months later and maybe 10 hours of use, the "new" exhaust actually caught fire…Thankfully my wife saw it as I was riding on a side hill…I jumped off, it rolled to the bottom of the hill and tipped to it’s side….we hit it with a chemical extinguisher (thankfully we were right next to my barn and had one)…..

So now I’ve called the dealer and Polaris….bringing it to them tomorrow and we’ll see what happens. Broke off the throttle and leaked some fluid when it tipped but better than me burning alive….It’s literally one year old now so I’m very curious to see how they are going to cover this damage…at the least I better be getting a new exhaust and service out of this….and certainly not the same exhaust they put on…. It was definitely throttling the power and clearly something wasn’t right…

Anyone else have any issues like this? It’s a 2015 model…