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Rear brake.

On my 99 scrambler after fixing the front brakes. I decided to check the rear. The rear brake does not work with hand lever or foot pedal. I get plenty of fluid pressure out of both bleeders with no visible air. So I know it’s building pressure. The break pads do need replacing but I’m thinking it should still grab. Any ideas?

Hose hanging?

Hi I’m totally stumped there is this hose hanging from the bottom of the engine I’ve checked everywhere and I don’t see where it would go so is it just a breather? Quad runs fine so I’m notrying sure.


I got a 2001 Polaris scramble 500 2 wheel drive, but my problem is it will start with good battery pull starting meaning pulling with rope. but with electric start meaning starter it will not fire up what could be the issue with this got me Puzzled big time

scrambler ball joints / bushings

Hey guys, so its finally time for me to replace several items on my bike. This is a 05 scrambler 500 4×4. Soon i would like to begin work on this since its winter and i have time. I will be replacing both ball joints, inner and outter tie rods, and also the rear swing arm bushings. The ball joints and tie rods are all originals. My question is, is there any better brand joints that will hold up longer or better than the OEM polaris ones? Every joint is shot at this point and have been for a while, but with alot of riding behind them. I am not apposed to using OEM again, but if there is something that is better, i would rather go with it…..

Also for the rear swing arm bushings. I replaced these last summer and they are already shot again. I pump grease into the fittings religiously after each wash, mud, water, etc. Sometimes multiple times a day depending on the amount of riding. I feel like i am putting way to much effort into these bushings and they still end up trashed. So, is there a better brand for bushings? Or maybe a specific type of grease that would work out better?

On a non related question, I am thinking of getting an exhuast kit and install it when i have the bike apart. Something louder than stock and that looks nice. Any ideas / suggestions?


1997 polaris scrambler 500 transmission question

Hello i just bought a 1997 Polaris scrambler 500 4×4, and when i tryed to go in forward it kept grinding, but doesnt grind in reverse, i tryed adjusting the linkage and it just kept grinding, maybe i didnt adjust right cuz i kinda dont know how to adjust….. I want to replace the parts in the transmission, i found on ebay transmission parts but its for 2002 Polaris Scrambler 400 4×4, i was wondering if i could put the transmission parts from 2002 Polaris Scrambler 400 4×4 to my 1997 polaris scrambler 500 4×4??