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Weekend Ride Pictures

This weekend me and a buddy went for a ride in the Mark Twain National Forest in an area called Glade Top. We checked out a section of trail we’d never been on and found this cool little section of creek. I’m usually to lazy to take any pictures but this time I snapped a couple. Here they are. My buddy just bought a new to him Brute Force 650i and he got it broke in just fine.

Camp Trip

Clearing a spot for my new cabin (okay it’s basically a shack but it’s mine :D).


Moving some of the trees (now firewood) that were cut.


Earlier in the year, the trail was better suited for ducks.


Awesome Modded 2016 Grizzly

Came across this video on YouTube. No idea what they’re saying but man that grizzly looks good! I thought I’d share for all the ’16 owners that are looking for inspiration.

I’m almost wishing I went with camo. It looks great with the over fenders. Not sure how they’d look on my grey SE. Anyone running flares on their ’16? I’d love to see some pictures.

Have a good one!