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My CVT seems flawed

Hi all. First Post. :peace:

Need some help with a recurring clutch problem. Twice my front inner clutch pulley has spun all the teeth off of it. Splines on shaft coming out of motor seem fine. I had it all apart, but had my dealer do the work.

I do have an EPI MUDDER clutch kit installed by the dealer. I’m running EFX MotoMTC 26" tires and MotoSport M12 Diesel 14" wheels. Tires and wheels seem very heavy. Dealer talked me into them after I asked for an ITP Mudlite tire and wheel package.

As far as my clutch problem, what do you all think. Dealer fixed it recently, but housing seems to be taking on water somewhere, so I’m about to pull it all apart. No plans to EVER return to the shop that I have been working with. So I’m gonna investigate the water leak problem and see how the internals look. I drained my clutch housing 4 times last Saturday and was only playing in 7-10 inches of water.

New here from ny

Hi my name is Bill from upstate New York. I own a 2007 grizzly 660 I purchased new and rode about 2200 miles the first year. The second year some of my riding buddies stopped ridding and sold there wheelers. I kinda just rode around my own property after that and let my daughters ride around until they snapped a cv shaft. Then I kinda lost interest myself until about a two months ago when I stopped into my local Yamaha dealer just to look around. So they just happened to have a 2015 grizzly 700 leftover with a price I couldn’t refuse. Had it delivered that day and have been working on the 660 to get that back up and running. I found a lot of useful information on this forum so I figured I might as well join. Thanks for all the help.

New from Louisiana

What’s up every body my name is Jake. I have a 2014 Yamaha grizzly 350. With 28 iPt mega mayhem tires. For rims I have hd3. I have a 22inch led light bar also led head lights and a smoked tail light with leds Also a custom exhaust tip. And a boss audio tube and a 2 inch lift.

Needing some advice please!!!

Hi, this is my first post, I am new here. I’ve been scratching my head on this subject for quite some time now and couldn’t seem to find the answer so I finally broke down and made a profile because I am a big Yamaha fan and I’m all the time wanting to do something different to them but enough of my yapping let’s skip to conclusion. Im needing some experienced advice on this one, I have an 07 big bear and I’ve been looking around for some good mods BC I love the ATV but I’m wanting some extra power to pull some big hills I’ve been eyeballing. I’ve been looking online for the past 4 months now and I’m seeing carb jet kits, high compression pistons, performance exhausts, performance cdi boxes, etc. I’ve been looking into a performance cam but all I’m finding is cams for big bears up to 06, I’m guessing they changed the heads on the 07s and up, maybe the oil journals are different on the older ones but I don’t want to rest ruining the engine on my daily rider and losing money so I thought I’d get some advice. if the heads are different or if there is no easier solutions, does anyone know if an older 400 head will fit my application? If I have to use an older head will I then be able to use the can I am looking at? Preferably a stage 2. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!!!

New Member

Hi everyone new member from Western Pa. What an amazing forum this is a lot of very knowledgeable people. Always been a Yamaha fan and have been on one bike or quad since 1978. Just picked up a leftover 2014 Grizzly 700 and looking forward to getting it dirty. I have been racing quads since 88 took the last few years off but looking forward to get back at it in local cross country races. Add photos soon.

2016 Grizzly SE

Hello all! I am new to the community, and I would appreciate any help I can get on this topic! I have been riding sport quads all my life and just recently made the switch to Utility’s by purchasing the new Grizzly!
I bought the bike the past Friday and am loading it on the trailer and at the dealer and begin to hear a little rattle…I get the sales guy to come check it out and we take it back to the shop and pull the plastics off and it turns out to be the heat shield needed tightening….so at this point I decide I’m going to thoroughly check out the bike when I get it home.
I get it in the garage with a flash light and look over every aspect of the bike and notice that 3 bolts are missing in spread out over the front and back finder connecting the inside fenders to the bottom skid plates! I immediately begin to panic and think "what have I bought, this is some bike that someone threw together trying to punch the clock and get out of work early on a Friday". I then start to feel the exhaust and notice that there is a fair amount of play in the actual muffler and the pipe coming out of the back of the muffler….I can move them from left to right….I checked the header where it goes into the engine and there doesn’t seem to be any movement.
Ultimately what I am getting at is, Is the exhaust movement on the new grizzly normal, and the back and forth play there intentionally? ….also Ive sense replaced the screws that were missing…would this worry you? I couldn’t find where anything else is missing so I’m hoping it was just a small fluke and I haven’t gotten a for lack of better words "lemon"….ANY insight or response would be beyond greatly appreciated!
PS…sorry for writing a book!

Hello from Beaver Falls

Hi guys. I pick up my new to me ’09 550 on the 11th.

My name’s Mark. I’m from Beaver Falls, PA. I raced hare scrambles and GNCC in the ’90s. Raced micro sprints for a couple of years, then got into street bikes. I picked up a z400 last April and was thinking of racing again.

My dad was having health problems. I decide I better not go racing. I didn’t need to get hurt while he was having trouble. He passed away on Christmas day. So I decided a utility would be better with having to take care of 2 properties. I’m selling the Z and getting the Grizz. It’s sporty enough and I can use it around the house.

New Member

Guys/Gals, newbie member here. My ATV is a brand new ’14 Grizzly 350 2wd. Yes, a brand new 2 year old machine. I was kicking tires in the showroom when I saw this lost puppy begging for a new home. Dealer made a deal I couldn’t refuse.

I’m an oldie but a goodie. I use my ATV mostly for hunting and scouting and I joined here for advice on how to add some after market parts. Be kind!