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Need another new battery-suggestions?

Hi Guys,
we recently got a 2005 4×4 660. I really like it.
The battery that came with it was old. I bought a
YTX20L-BS Sealed Maintenace Free Battery High Performance 12V SMF OEM Replacement Maintenance Free Powersport Motorcycle ATV Scooter Snowmobile KMG

off amazon for $60 in August. Didn’t start using it till September and in December it was slow to start (Atlanta was 65 degree temperatures, so it wasn’t from being too cold and losing a charge).

our mechanic said the battery was crap when we took "Blue" in for some service.

The stupid battery was dead dead dead. we charged it, got Blue started 2-3 times yesterday and late in the day battery was dead again.

The Kapsco Moto.reseller on amazon said their warrantee/core charge is only good for 30 days – at least I’m not stuck with buying another cruddy battery from them.

Anyway, what batteries do you guys recommend, and where might I purchase?

Many Thanks!

replacing key switch with toggle

Not grizzly related but anyway. I have a little 50 Giovanni quad and it has a 4 pin 2 position key switch, we lost the keys and I want to replace it with a simple toggle switch. There are 4 wires, one key position completes 2 wires (black and red) and leaves other 2 ( green and black/white) open, other position does the opposite, completes green and white/black) and leaves red and black open. What kind of switch do i need, I am thinking a triple throw double pole 6 pin (on off on) and only using 4 of the pins. Is there any type of simple toggle with just 2 positions that could do this?

2007 grizzly 450

i think i might have a bad earth on regulator is the back of regulator bolted to frame the only earth or is there a wire for it to thanks have tested volts at battery some times 14v and other times 12v so thinking i have a bad earth some where

Whats this wire for?

Hey, recently traded my lawnmower for a 2003 Kodiak and slowly getting some of the wiring cleaned up.

I have only 2 wires coming off my taillight so i assume this is not the origonal light. the wires are blue and black. i also have 2 wires on the bike blue and black so i assume those go together. and there is also a yellow wire and that must be for the brake light but it is not attached to anything. now i have another black wire that is connected the ground wire on the motor side that has the same connections but i have nothing for it to connect to.

The bike runs great and seems to work good untill i turn the headlights on and they are very bright but pulsate/flicker.

Thanks for the help

2002 grizzly 660 no spark

Hello all,
I have a 2002 grizzly 660. I have no spark. Here is what I have done so far. I pulled the spark plug and replaced it with a new one. When I ground it out i do not see any spark. I did noticed that I can get one spark when I let go of the starter button. I have read other post that have said to un plug the rectifier, but this has no effect. I checked the pickup coil with an ohms meter and had .504 with the white/red and white/ green wires. I also thought it might be the ignition coil so I swap it with my kodiak. It was good. I have tried to pull start it no change. I am thinking it is either the CDI unit or the stator or maybe both. I need some help trying to figure this one out. Thanks in advance far any advice.

2007 grizzly 350

I have a 2007 yamaha grizzly. It has never gave me any problems. Was riding and then killed it and then when i went to start it back, it just made a shocking like sound. It never started again. it has worked fine until this. Anybody have any ideas?