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Engine in but no idle

Just got my 2012 xp900 engine back from Alba with a stage 2 build, got everything reassembled and bike wont run for more then 10 seconds. Engine light on, Code 102-4 and 105-3, searched around and found some harness issues, as far as I can tell no broken wires. If i unplug the sensor on the side of the throttle body it idles, not smooth but idles.

ECU flash

Will the flashed ECU fight the Pyro Pak fuel programmer i have on my 2014 xp 900..?

Im running a Dragonfire 935 bb with Carillo pistons.. billet intake.. desert molding concepts double down air intake system and Gibson stainless exhaust with a STM rage 6 Primary and secondary clutch setup…

I’m getting into the rev limiter constantly now and it’s makin me crazy… any info is appreciated

Great customer service!

Messaged eric about options on fi controller vs pcv for my current situation and told me the fi controller (which is bout half the price of pcv) would be more than sufficient… Got online later yesterday and was trying to order a fuel controller for my xp900 yesterday was not workin on my computer or phone for whatever reason, but called and (cant remember who i talked too) he answered all my questions with honest no b.s answers and didnt try an sell me more expensive stuff that really isnt needed…jus wanted to take a sec and say thanks…

Now lets hope i see it in the mail before saturday for my trip to the dunes !!

Shout out of Alba racing

I just wanted to say thank you Nate and Fernando. I brought my 900 xp in to have the stage 2 kit installed and also check why I was using oil. After checking it out the tech found some dirt inside and Nate called me with my options. We did a rebuild and added the stage 2 kit. Thank you for being honest and just no installing the kit and sending me on my way. I tried the car out on Monday and wow what a difference. Fernando was very nice on the phone each time I called and took the time to explain everything to me. I am very new at the clutch weights and he was very very helpful. I would also like to thank Sean the mechanic for such a great job. Thank you Alba you guys are truly a class act

Alba Racing XP1000 Aluminum Rock Sliders $249 Shipped!

Hey guys. Our XP1000 Lightweight Aluminum rock sliders are in stock and ready to ship. These are really sweet and add a great look to the car. I have been running our prototypes for almost 1000 miles now and love them! Forum price is $249 shipped in the lower 48, and tax will apply in CA.

Alba Racing

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900 cams?

Hey Nate! I’m thinking it’s time for some more cam in my 900 xp! My eng. build is 11-1 comp, K&T ported head, kibble white valves & springs, Yosh rs-4 exhaust! Right now I’m running popo h.o. cams, but my head is spec’d out for big lift! My xp is mostly sand dune use & is a light weight car! What cams would you recommend?


RZR-570 running hot

Installed the Alba fuel controller on my 2012 RZR-570 before a trip to the Paiute trail in Utah in May. Temp seemed to be running a little higher than normal (up to 218-220) at times. Is this normal or just my imagination? Didn’t know if the altitude had any thing to do with it. Haven’t had it out since May.

Clutch fan gauge help – light staying on 100%

Hello, I know it’s he weekend but I’m looking for some assistance. I followed the directions to a tee, unless I’m confused. The first thing I did was install my gauge, after combining my white and red wires, I tied them into orange/white of the 12V outlet. Next I tied back from the gauge to brown/white.

Now I know there’s a period where you have to wait for lights to go out, but the key wasn’t even inserted all day. I tested that anyhow… Is it possible I did something wrong/backwards?

Next I decided to move forward with the tail end of the install to remain progressive… Instructions ask for ground wire and washer to be attached to the sensor, I see no ground wire… Is it possible these are old instructions and the new kit comes pre-wired with these connectors?

I checked the box over and over again for something id possibly missed but this is all that’s there apart from the gauge.

I’m wondering if the dealer installed my winch incorrectly? I traced the wires to see if something could be interfering.

The winch powers off along with the under glow and screen after the key is off so I’m thinking of just running through the firewall and going into those studs…

Last question, your fan kit doesn’t seem to be very water/dust proof, is there some sort of option for purchase in order to seal these wires in? Or would a grommet/silicone suffice?

Thank you for your time,


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New parts

So I dropped of my RZR to Nate yesturday. 12.5 hrs round trip drive for me. She will be going under the knife for a little modification. Hope she pulls through it. Can’t wait to get her back.