Clutch fan gauge help – light staying on 100%

Hello, I know it’s he weekend but I’m looking for some assistance. I followed the directions to a tee, unless I’m confused. The first thing I did was install my gauge, after combining my white and red wires, I tied them into orange/white of the 12V outlet. Next I tied back from the gauge to brown/white.

Now I know there’s a period where you have to wait for lights to go out, but the key wasn’t even inserted all day. I tested that anyhow… Is it possible I did something wrong/backwards?

Next I decided to move forward with the tail end of the install to remain progressive… Instructions ask for ground wire and washer to be attached to the sensor, I see no ground wire… Is it possible these are old instructions and the new kit comes pre-wired with these connectors?

I checked the box over and over again for something id possibly missed but this is all that’s there apart from the gauge.

I’m wondering if the dealer installed my winch incorrectly? I traced the wires to see if something could be interfering.

The winch powers off along with the under glow and screen after the key is off so I’m thinking of just running through the firewall and going into those studs…

Last question, your fan kit doesn’t seem to be very water/dust proof, is there some sort of option for purchase in order to seal these wires in? Or would a grommet/silicone suffice?

Thank you for your time,


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