570 revving to high?

Hey Guys,

Got my 570 back from the dealer. It was in for warranty work, and they claimed that they noticed that it was creeping ahead when it was idling in gear.

They told me they fixed it, and i mentioned that it was tough to shift, in my opinion, because it is revving too high at an idle. Makes sense, advanced idle is grabbing the belt a bit, and making it creep. I own snowmobiles, it happens.

The dealer told me they didnt notice any revving issue.

When you first start it, it goes to about 1300-1350 rpm. 1350 mostly. As such, it is harder to shift.

When it is good and warmed up, the RPM stays at 1200-1250.

Is the advanced idle when for the first five-ten mins of operation normal?