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oil leak

so had a good day of riding and as i am loading up on the trailer i notice a couple of drops of oil upon further inspection i noticed that it appears to be all around to oil filter. I am thinking that something may have just poked a hole in it. Any other ideas on what it might could be if it is not that

Winch spooling

Hey all, I pulled my winch off today as part of my oil change and decided to swap my plow strap back to my actual winch cable (hopefully not prematurely)

I seem to remember reading somewhere on the forum that the winch should spool from a certain direction, but can’t seem to find the post about it.

And since the winch is upside down on the 570, should thecable spool out from the top of the winch (bottom of the four-wheeler) or the bottom of the winch (top of the four-wheeler)?

It is a viper midnight series 3500# if that makes a difference


What is the best way to tie down in a snowmobile trailer?

I have a 2014 snopro Hybrid snowmobile trailer. This weekend i’m going to my friends house for a lake day and he wants me to bring my atv and plow to clear an ice rink. I figured it would just be easier to put my 570 in the trailer and not have to deal with removing the trailer to get the atv out of the bed. The problem is that there is no tie down point for the rear of the atv. I can tie the front down to the ski bar but i have nothing to hold the rear in place. My only thought is to run the hook on the strap out the ramp hinge and pinch it in place with the door. I’m sure this will work ok but i’m just trying to see if there are any better ideas. Thanks in advance for any other thoughts on this one.:beer:

2016 570 W/Ricochet skid plates

After I bought my 570 first thing I looked for was aftermarket skids. Couldn’t find any website that listed the 2016 model. I called two company’s and they both had no idea. Called Ricochet last Friday and they hadn’t got their hands on a new model to test fitment. I agreed to be the test dummy and report back my findings.

Well, everything bolted right up without any hassle. I got the full kit. So you guys with the base model, rest assured the 2014/15 kit will work. This is ONLY for the base model. I don’t have any idea for the touring or the SP model.

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570 Touring SP… any interest in new A-Arms to clear big tires?

So we can’t put big tires on our bikes, and we are stuck with these darn 14" wheels so we have to deal with pinch flats on the time.

I don’t want to lift my quad and stress the axles that way and I’m not sure how much more tire clearance I’d get out of it, so what if there was another solution?

Looking online, there are forward swept high clearance front upper and lower A arms available for some machines (XP chassis). Would anyone be interested in high clearance rear-swept arms? The back is where we have our issue. Ideally they’d be swept enough so as to fit 28’s without other modification, and be bent to increase ground clearance. I figure about $300 for the front and $300 for the rear would be about right. Thoughts?

Also, does anyone know if the XP platform or any other sportsman uses the same rear arms? What about the fronts?